High quality raw materials play an important role in product quality, based on the principle of providing clients with high quality and low price products, we arrange professional operation from source, strictly control the quality of raw materials. From advanced research, planting base location, to the nursery, planting, harvesting, make professional research of each link, data analysis and textual research and verify. We build GAP standard bases which for marigold, Cyanotis arachnoidea C.B.Clarke and Echinacea in Yunnan, Shaanxi, Northeast and other places of China . Planting bases can ensure adequate supply of high quality raw material each year and ensure the quality, quantity, yield stability of raw material,  to effectively control heavy metal substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals. Meanwhile they also greatly reduced our production cost, let us to give the biggest benefit to our every customer on the basis of ensuring product quality.

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